Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A-Game in Creamworld

Last year, I worked on a shoot with Photographer Jalani Morgan featuring a new group A-GAME.

This story is featured in the new issue of Creamworld magazine which is available at Chapters/Indigo and magazine stores around Canada.

OTM magazine issue # 6 - Part 1

In this issue of OTM, I was featured twice!

This story was photographed by Daniel Robb, makeup and hair by Kevin Smith and modeled by Nicol.
Below, in picture # 4, I have featured my favourit scarf line by Scarf Party. For more info on new collection and where to buy, go to: www.scarfparty.ca

OTM Issue # 6 - part deux

This story was shot under the Gardiner. Poor Danielle was freezing!