Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ink Magazine Publication

I worked on a shoot with a large team this summer!
5 Models: Carlton, Alex, Mike, Rashel, Quinn
Assistant Stylist: Gillian Oldfield
Photographer: Mathew Wilson
Makeup Artist: Theresa Nuth
Hair Stylist: Whitney Kril
It was published in Ink: http://issuu.com/inkmag/docs/autumn_2010
And I could not have done this without my friends at Curbside Cycle for their wonderful bikes and Gus Rabbie (my girl Lindsey's dog)!!!

Bike Shoot

Months ago (I believe it was June 17th!) I worked on a shoot with Photographer Angus Rowe MacPherson. It was one of my favorite shoots because I had to create a James Dean look which I love!!!!


I worked on a Calendar called Oceanus Calender with Makeup Artist Jackie Gideon, Photographer David Hou and Model Mallory. Our month was October!

Liquid Dress

It has been over 5 months that I've been waiting for these pictures and finally, after Brian Egan's hard post production work, he came up with these beautiful liquid dresses.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Take A Bow - Story in Issue #5 of OTM magazine

For this story, I had to find playful yet trendy accessories to add to our models. Luckily, my friend Markus has an amazing line called Metsa and I was able to use his fantastic two and three finger rings which he makes himself out of wood! http://www.metsadesign.com/

I was also lucky that I got into contact with Gregory Allen who makes wonderful bow ties. http://www.gregoryallencompany.com/

On shoot day we had a lot of fun playing around with different goofy accessories like mustaches and chunky glasses and our photographer, Alice Xue has an amazing eye to have captured all those moments...and she's only 17!!!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Beach Creative July 18

This summer, I had the wonderful oportunity to work with photographer David Picard http://www.dpicard.com/ on a Beach/Tribal themed shoot. In addition, I got to work with Eduardo Mela from Judy Inc. and Breanna Sabo from Elmer Olsen, both amazing artists!


Monday, July 12, 2010

Off The Map Publication

I was lucky enough to work with a great team of young talent for the June issue of OTM magazine http://www.otmzine.com/ . Tara Bartolini and Aimee Legault are the Editors of the magazine and definitely have an eye and knack for fashion. Our Model was
Paul T for Spot 6 Management, our Makeup Artist was Tami El Sombati www.judyinc.com/tamielsombati and the lovely Ms. Lynsie Robers was our Photographer, http://www.lynsieroberts.com/ . It would be hard to guess but believe it or not, the shoot took place at York University. You'd be surprised what out little Toronto has to offer in terms of architecture and how a talented photographer can turn an old building into something more interesting and artistic!

Gladstone Hotel Creative

Well, finally the pictures from the Gladstone Hotel! Jessica Steblyk from Judy Inc. was our fantastic Makeup and Hair stylist http://www.damsel.ca/, Carlo Calope was the creative Photographer http://www.carlocalope.com/ and Madison was our very young and talented model with Sutherland Models.


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Creative @ Gladstone Hotel

This is just a teaser of the creative I worked on last week-end. I can't put all the pictures up just yet because the photographer is submitting them. The photographer was Carlo Calope http://www.carlocalope.com/, the makeup artist was Jess from Judy Inc., and our model was a very new face of Sutherland Models but she was so incredible, I see a great future in fashion for Maddison.

Plaid Magazine May 2010

I am thrilled to announce that my work has been published!! I worked with a wonderful team; Onna Chan, Makeup and Hair http://www.onnachan.ca/, Mathew Wilson, Photographer http://www.mathewwilsonphotography.com/ and Juliette as our Model.
Mathew had the vision of a garage sale story which was picked up by Plaid Magazine, http://www.plaidmag.com/ Enjoy!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

1920's Creative

On Family day, instead of spending time with my family (who were mostly traveling anyway), we did an incredible photo shoot! We were fortunate enough to have Véronique, the owner of best crêperie in town (Crêpes à GoGo - 18 Yorville), graciously allow us to use her restaurant as the quaint background for the shoot.

We used two models from Elmer Olsen, Josephine and Olie.
The photographer was Martin Volpe (you can check out his work at http://www.martinvolpe.com/), and our makeup artist was Jess Sidhu.
I want to give a special thanks to Jill my wonderful assistant who provided us with the fantastic green flapper dress and the beautiful feathered and tulle head piece which she created herself .

I also want to thank Victoria from the most magnificent vintage store in Toronto, Gadabout, who provided us with authentic 1920's outfits (http://www.gadabout.ca/)!