Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A-Game in Creamworld

Last year, I worked on a shoot with Photographer Jalani Morgan featuring a new group A-GAME.

This story is featured in the new issue of Creamworld magazine which is available at Chapters/Indigo and magazine stores around Canada.

OTM magazine issue # 6 - Part 1

In this issue of OTM, I was featured twice!

This story was photographed by Daniel Robb, makeup and hair by Kevin Smith and modeled by Nicol.
Below, in picture # 4, I have featured my favourit scarf line by Scarf Party. For more info on new collection and where to buy, go to: www.scarfparty.ca

OTM Issue # 6 - part deux

This story was shot under the Gardiner. Poor Danielle was freezing!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ink Magazine Publication

I worked on a shoot with a large team this summer!
5 Models: Carlton, Alex, Mike, Rashel, Quinn
Assistant Stylist: Gillian Oldfield
Photographer: Mathew Wilson
Makeup Artist: Theresa Nuth
Hair Stylist: Whitney Kril
It was published in Ink: http://issuu.com/inkmag/docs/autumn_2010
And I could not have done this without my friends at Curbside Cycle for their wonderful bikes and Gus Rabbie (my girl Lindsey's dog)!!!

Bike Shoot

Months ago (I believe it was June 17th!) I worked on a shoot with Photographer Angus Rowe MacPherson. It was one of my favorite shoots because I had to create a James Dean look which I love!!!!


I worked on a Calendar called Oceanus Calender with Makeup Artist Jackie Gideon, Photographer David Hou and Model Mallory. Our month was October!

Liquid Dress

It has been over 5 months that I've been waiting for these pictures and finally, after Brian Egan's hard post production work, he came up with these beautiful liquid dresses.